We don’t only want to be friends at our meetings. We are therefore also looking for more opportunities to deepen our relationships. These include various activities that we organize or take part in.

Spiritual retreats

We organize spiritual retreats in cooperation with a Czech group of LGBT+ Christians called LOGOS. These spiritual retreats take place either in Slovakia or in the Czech Republic. The other time, our Czech brothers and sisters organized a retreat in Bystřice pod Hostýnem. The last time, in 2016, the retreat took place in Marianka, Slovakia. We only send the invitations to retreats to recipients who receive our monthly newsletter.

Bonfires and trips

It has become a tradition for us to meet in the beautiful surroundings of the Bratislava forest park in Kačín on some September day and enjoy toasted and grilled goods. 

Sometimes, we decide to go on a trip in the nearby area, whether for a one day long walk to the Carpathians along the tourist route, or a several days long trip to the Tatras that also involves swimming and wellness. 

Discussions, media appearance

Exceptionally, we are invited to public discussions where we talk about the difficulties of being an LGBT+ believer in Slovakia or about our group and our relationship with churches. Sometimes, journalists and editors address us with an offer for an interview for a newspaper or a television show. 


As individuals, we also participate in other events organized by churches or the LGBT+ community, such as the Queer film festival, Pohoda music open air festival, PRIDE parades, international conferences and assemblies, courses and trainings. We also meet at prayers from Taizé or at prayer services of Bratislava’s Old Catholics.

Do you have an idea for an interesting activity of social, cultural, sports, educational or spiritual nature? We’d be glad if you shared it with us.