Mission and goals

The goal of the civic association SIGNUM – Rainbow Christians, is to defend the interests of LGBT+ people of faith, gather them and encourage their faith, freedom, critical thinking, tolerance, responsible use of their sexuality and active social and religious life. Our association wants to create a safe space, so LGBT+ people wouldn’t have to be afraid to be themselves around the LGBT community, the community of believers and general public.

Areas which we want to be active in:

  • COMMUNITY – deepen religious life by organizing regular meetings, spiritual retreats, international meetings, conferences, seminars, different types of trips and other events including celebrating religious ceremonies and services. 
  • DIALOUGE – to lead dialogue with the representatives of church and religious organizations, positively contribute to the development of theological discussion in the area of LGBT in Slovakia.   
  • AWARNESS – to spread positive message about LGBT+ people, community, projects, churches, communities and movements and spread awareness about them through various communication channels. 
  • EDUCATION AND PREVENTION – to spread enlightenment in the area of democracy, human rights, religious faith-teaching and human sexuality in the effort of preventing the spread of disinformation or untrue stereotypes and prejudices along with all forms of discrimination, racism, xenophobia, LGBTphobia, antisemitism and other speech of intolerance.
  • COOPERATION – to create and tighten good relations with LGBT organizations in Slovakia as well as with foreign Christian LGBT groups in the world, to cooperate with them on various projects and learn from them.
  • HELP – to mediate relevant contacts for professional medical, psychological, spiritual, juridical, social or other help.
  • PUBLISHING ACTIVITY – to translate, print and publish articles, books, promotional and other materials.
  • VOLUNTEERING – to encourage, organize and mediate volunteering activity and development of volunteering activities not only for the community, but for the whole society.
  • CULTURE AND SOCIETY – to participate in various cultural-social events.