Facts of origin

The establishment of the civic association SIGNUM – Rainbow Christians has its origin in few socio-political facts: 

  • Referendum on the family (February 2015), which polarized Slovak society.
  • The expansion of anti-gender movement encouraged by churches and fundamental organizations in Slovakia (e.g. Aliancia za rodinu / Alliance for family), which propagate LGBTphobia and gender paranoia (so-called gender ideology).
  • Political-religious campaign of the priest Marián Kuffa, who by his sermons in churches spreads throughout Slovakia, destructive, apocalyptic message about immorality of LGBT and gender.
  • Action and invitation of many, often foreign convicted fake scientists and “experts “on the topics of LGBT and gender (e.g., Gabriele Kuby, Mark Regnerus, Paul Cameron etc.).
  • Formation of alternative web portals, which in the name of Christian religion spread misinformation and demagoguery or encourage prejudices and stereotypes (e.g., hlavnespravy.sk, lifenews.sk, citlivetemy.sk, cestaplus.sk, zastolom.sk).
  • The establishment of the civic association Priestor prijatia (Space of acceptance), which ideologically continues in the tradition of Linka Valentín (Line Valentine), civic association Rieky (Rivers) and encourages conversion-reparative forms of therapy (e.g., reintegrative therapy).
  • Certain amount of people around us, who because of the conditions and tension in their churches, gave up their faith, or faithful life, or life.
  • Certain amount of people around us, who because of their negative experience (disappointment, disgust) with individuals, certain group or stereotype in LGBT community, rather decided to not admit to community, to not be a part of it, to not visit events organized by the community, in other words, they praise only events organized by religious communities.
  • Bad personal well-being or even serious health issues of LGBT+ people, which are a result of the points already mentioned above. 
  • Weak voice, low awareness, unrecognition and disorganization of LGBT+ people of faith.