After some time, we have been meeting regularly again since 2011. We meet at our joint meetings usually on the first and the third Saturday of the month. As a group, we are all very diverse – in terms of opinions, age, experiences, life situations, or stages of coming out. We are not experts and we do not replace the role of psychologists, priests or doctors. We try to open up to spiritual and personal growth and to move forward together as a community. 

The course of our meetings

The program and the organization of the meetings have been taken over by our team of volunteers, who are trying to prepare an engaging and interesting program. However, the course and the atmosphere at the meeting depends on all participants and everyone has the opportunity to get involved and enrich the others.

Sometimes, rare guests participate in our meetings, they usually cover the spiritual part. The non-spiritual part of the meetings (usually without guests) is planned by us and it usually consists of sharing, conversations or information about past and future events. However, we never forget a prayer, which is present from the beginning to end.

Are there any rules?

Yes, but they all have a significance:

  • Our meetings are open especially to non-heterosexual Christians of different denominations, in different life situations, in different phases of coming out, with mutual respect and without prejudice.
  • What is said at a meeting remains at the meeting.
  • All participants are expected to be fairly discrete, not for the sake of a ”secret society”, but to create a safe space of trust, acceptance, freedom and openness.
  • As everything takes place in maximum freedom, you can freely leave the meeting anytime you dislike it or don’t feel good. 
  • You have the right not to say anything the whole time or hide your real name if you prefer so.
  • To protect the anonymity and security of all participants, we do not record the video or audio at our meetings.

What to bring?

First and foremost, you should bring yourself with everything that makes you yourself. However, for a good course of the meeting, it would also be good to bring:

  • a pocket Bible or a Bible application on a smartphone
  • a pen and a paper for your notes
  • some snacks (e.g. something you baked, nonalcoholic beverages, some sweet/savory snacks etc.) that you would like to share with others during agape

Why don’t we share the location and time of the meeting?

We only send email invitations to the people we have on the mailinglist or the ones who are interested and write us an email first. By doing this, we want to maintain discretion and safety for all of us and prevent the participation of people who would intentionally interrupt the course and the atmosphere of the meeting. 

We meet at a public place first and then we go together to the actual place of the meeting, so we ask you to please be punctual. In case you are late or lost, you can call or text the contact listed in the invitation. 

Do you want to come to our meeting for the first time?

Write to us, briefly introduce yourself and describe your motivation and expectations from the meetings. We will then include you in the list of recipients, to whom we regularly – once a month send a newsletter with planned events for the following month, together with invitations to meetings. We send them at the begining of each month.